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What is Bluetooth?

Bluetooth is a wonderful technology. It is a way of connecting electronic devices and having them communicate with each other. How it works is, first two Bluetooth devices connect by transmitting a digital signal to each other, called discovery. Then they ask each other who will take command and when that decision is made digitally, they work together to create a network. This network is called a piconet. Bluetooth devices use a minuscule 1mW of power. By comparison a laser pointer uses 5mW of power.
Bluetooth also uses a 2.4 GHz frequency just like WiFi, but uses much less power and its range is a lot smaller than WiFi.

A Bluetooth device can support up to 8 connections. For example. You have a laptop with Bluetooth and you use a wireless headphone to listen to music from your laptop, and you also use a wireless keyboard to type on your laptop. They all have a transmitter that use different frequencies so that they don’t interfere with each other, and they change frequencies 1,600 times a second. That in a nutshell is how Bluetooth works.

Why I enjoy Bluetooth

I hate cables with a passion. Don’t you? I don’t like to see cables on the floor, my dresser, my desk, bedside table almost anywhere in the inside and outside of the house. But with the use of Bluetooth technology, cables disappear. I used to hate to use my computer mouse with its cable always tethering me to a certain distance and getting my mouse cable tangled with items on my desk. A big pet peeve of mine was going to the gym and using my iPhone with the ear buds that came with it. I hated that cable immensely. But with Bluetooth I was set free of those annoying cables.

My favorite device has been an iPhone with Bluetooth headphones, which I use two. One for inside the house and my Bluetooth sport headphones when I go to the gym. I love the freedom that my Bluetooth headphones give me, For the house I can put my iPhone on a table or the floor, on the lawn in the garden and walk away for a short distance without the tether of a cable. I never liked the feeling of anything brushing up against my neck.

When I go to the gym I don’t have to worry where the cable is so my arms don’t get tangled in the cable. I just pop on my Bluetooth sport headphones and I am ready to lift, especially when I am lifting heavy weights. I can put my phone on the ground right next to me or my pocket as I lift. All while I just keep my headphones on. I can also ride a stationary bike or a stair climber and I’m free from cables.

Bluetooth items that I currently use

I currently use four mice. Two for my PC and two for my laptop. I use a keyboard for my PC and I also use two Bluetooth wired speakers for my iPhone. One at my desk the other on my bedside table. (I bought a 3rd one for my daughter too but that one is completely wireless.) I also use two headphones with my iPhone, as stated above. One for the gym and one for the house. (I’ve actually had two headphones I used for the gym; I wore out the first set so three if you count that.

How I fell in love with Bluetooth

I remember getting my first iPhone. I usually wait before I buy anything tech. I read reviews and do other research before committing. But this beckoned to me.  I was a computer network administrator back then. I saw and immediately bought the iPhone 3. I waited in line to purchase one. It did not disappoint. I bought the and the 4, 5 and 6 afterwards. I slowed down after that and waited until the iPhone11 came out which I finally broke down and bought.

They were all amazing pieces of technology. I was hooked on them from the beginning. They were so intuitive to use and easy to configure. They were works of art in my opinion. But when I found out about the Bluetooth capability of the iPhone and iTunes, well that opened my eyes to a whole new world.

Before Bluetooth I just listened to the earbuds that came with my iPhone. They always got tangled into something in the gym or just fell off. Soon after I bought my first set of Motorola S10-HD Bluetooth Stereo Headphones. I placed them on my head, shook my head around and found out that they didn’t fall off my head.

Then I played my first song on them, Steely Dan, Hey Nineteen and it sounded so heavenly. I could hear the mid-range and I could hear some bass coming from my small little headphones. Best of all I had no wires to deal with. I really felt free and easy. I absolutely fell in love with my smartphone and Bluetooth headphones. YAY!

Now I have 2 sets of Bluetooth headphones, keyboards, mice and 3 Bluetooth speaker systems, which I am always looking to upgrade, had various cell phone headsets and I have my car and my mom’s car hooked up to my iPhone using Bluetooth. I even got my mom to buy an iPhone. So, in short, I enjoy Bluetooth technology.

The goal of my site

I want to promote and spread the word on the use of Bluetooth products, which I don’t think it’s hard to do. I think it is an amazing technology for people relaxing at the beach at home and for people on the go for recreation and work.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave a comment below and I will be more than happy to help you out if I can.

All the best,