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Beats Solo3 On the Ear Wireless Headphones

No headphone has been as controversial as these bad boys, or girls…which ever you prefer.

The first and second generation of Beats were considered to be bad.Way too much low end sound.

Then Apple bought them and improved the sound and quality of the brand.

They were a huge hit. They became a fashion statement. They were sleek and they came in a myriad of cool colors. Every good fashionista had to have one.

And since Apple bought them the iPhone and the headphone became one instantly. They found and linked instantaneously.

That ease of operation made this headphone a fashion forward must have. You wear them to rool the skool…or something like that.

Beats claims that the battery will last 40 hours on a full charge and that if the battery runs out of juice a 5 minute charge should give 3 hours of music playback. Now that’s pretty impressive.

The one drawback for some is the on the ear design. Since it fits so snugly on the ear, some have experienced some discomfort after wearing them for an extended amount of time.

Now the Beats Solo3 Headphones still has ridiculous bass, but the mid-range bring out the fullness of sound and also gives a pretty good treble sound.

The sparkle of the high end notes are not really there but it is respectable. Especially if you love to listen to very loud music the high ends wont kill your hearing.

The reviews on these headphones really good.

For the price, you cant “Beats” this…Get it Beat. “Beats”…Forget it.

Beats Pill+ Wireless Bluetooth Speakers

These speakers have been called magifique, as they say in…what country is that? France, Italy? Oh okay…France. Are these pills of power worthy of such a hefty term? For a small Bluetooth speaker, I wholeheartedly agree.

These little beauties do indeed pack a punch…A mighty punch. Much like a prizefighter with quick jab followed by a right hook then a knockout uppercut…I know, I know. That was a series of punches. But you get the picture…Right?

Think of it this way. A heavyweight fighter has the knockout power to put their opponent on the mat in one mighty punch. A featherweight fighter may take a few punches to put down an opponent. Get it?…Nevermind. I’ll just continue my rant later..

This speaker comes with four speakers. Two tweeters and two woofers placed side by side and the tweeters placed on the outside of the woofers, and it’s in stereo.

These pills will last you 12 hours on a full charge and come with a USB charging port for your smartphone if you need a quick charge.

You can also pair them up with another and use the Beats app to connect them as true stereo speakers.

For their size, these beauts put out a lot of sound, especially for Hip-Hop. The low notes get pretty low and the highs can get really high. I do recommend these Beats Pills+ indubiously. Is that a word?

Just take two Beats Pill+ and call me in the morning…



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