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I’m a disabled middle aged dad who is divorced with two semi-adult daughters. They are now 18 and my oldest is about to turn 21. My daughters live primarily with their mother and I feel that I am short on time before my kids spread their wings and leave the nest. I would love to buy them some nice things before they jump the ship, so to speak.

I got my first college degree in Landscape Architecture. After that experience I became a medical sales rep for a number of years. Then I moved over to the tech side of things and earned an MCSE (Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer) certification and became a computer network administrator for a large chunk of my life. I currently have, I think 10 computer certifications.Then went out and got a second degree in Computer Science. Yup, I had a pretty nice life before I became disabled.

In my younger days I was a very active kid/teen. I played a couple of instruments for years and I was very involved in all sorts sports. Basketball, baseball, football, martial arts, wrestling and I even did some figure ice skating and ballroom dancing, which was very enjoyable.

My favorite thing I have ever done was weightlifting. I lifted for 5-6 days a week from my mid-teens to my 50’s. My first time I ever lifted I was 16 in 10th grade, just as I hit puberty really hard. I grew big fast. I will never forget  the feeling of not being able to walk and not being able to put shampoo on my head. I was really sore for about a week…ahhhh memories. But that is for another story for another time…Another website. (Like workoutgoodies.com).

Thanks for reading this short synopsis on my life. I really hope you enjoy looking at my website. So, thank you and good night.




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  1. Hi Courtney,

    I had a chance to scroll through your site. Pretty cool. I’ll have time to read through the posts since I’m stuck at home. I’ll check out the WorkoutGoodies.com site next. Enjoy blogging.


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