Bass Fight-Sony vs Panasonic | And I’m not talking about fishing…

Sony WHXB900NPanasonic RB M700BIn the left corner we have the bass headphone challenger. I introduce to you the challenger weighing in at a relatively thick 317 grams.

And in the right corner the champion weighing in at a svelte 254 grams.

The measurements will be taken by your referee, Courtney. That’s right me.

Alright, alright no fighting. Hey stop biting me ma’am! I’m just a judge. It will ultimately be up to you choose the winner of…The Bass Fiiightt at night!!! Or whenever you read this…

Let’s begin with the challenger, shall we?

Panasonic RB-M700B

(Click on image to see price and details)

The Panasonic has what they call a Bass Reactor. I call it outrageously awesome…Oh Baby, Baby! I could’ve sworn that when I first put these on my head it started rattling and my ear canals were shaking so much that I could feel my ear wax falling down like a stalagmite hanging in my ear…and I try to keep my ear canals clean.

No doubt in my mind these are headshakers of epic proportions. As far as the mid-ranges and the highs in this pair of headphones, it lacked sparkle and definition…but boy are these fun to pump up the volume on! I have them on as I am writing this. After a few moments of wearing these I got used to the less than epic mids and highs. I really didn’t miss them as the longer I wore them the more balanced it sounded….with a Super Bass kick. Yeah!

Audiophiles would absolutely hate these…and I mean Hate…Notice the capital “H”. They hate anything augmented…I mean anything, if you get my drift…Muhahaha! This is more for a person who listens to rap, hip-hop, EDM and pop. Music with a more bass heavy twist to it…please hold. My head is rattling…okay, I’m back.

Anyways, The Panasonic’s have an Noise Canceling switch which I have no use for, I have no need to use it. It’s Bass Reactor has 4 levels. Off/Low/Medium/High…AF!!! I’m just kidding, there is no AF terminology on these headphones…There should be though.

It uses Bluetooth 5.0, which is nice for fastest available data transfer rates and it has Active Noise Canceling as I mentioned before. It also uses a Type-C USB charger connection for faster charging. These cans take up to 4 hours to achieve a full charge. A 15 minute quick charge will give you back 90 minutes of playback time.

Now the battery life on these are a middling 20 hours. Okay but not great for Bluetooth headphones. And that’s with the Bass Reactor off. With it on at High AF (Sorry about that.) The battery is drained by quite a bit. Can you blame me? I’m a basshead, so I want my bass, (not the fish of course.) With my usage of high bass and high volume my battery will last approximately 10 or so hours. So your listening habits will ultimately determine the life of your battery before you need a pitstop. I am perfectly okay with it because I have my backup of my trusty Sony WHXB900n’s. I will get to that in a few moments.

The Panasonic’s weigh considerably more than the Sony’s, but the way the weight is dispersed is almost magical. The Sony’s are very comfortable and I have worn then hours on end. They have great ear cushions and the headband also feel good against my head. The only times my ears sweated was when I was outside in the sun. They sit well on my head and they’ll always my favorite.

The Panasonic’s are heaven to my ears. First the ear cups  are enormous. They give my ears lots of space and I also believe that the extra space helps give the immersive bass an extra oomph. Second, the ear cup cushions are pillowy soft and oh so comfortable. Even though these are heavier you don’t feel the weight of these. The clamping force works amazingly well with the pillowy ear cups. Beautiful, just beautiful, man.

Sony WHXB900N

(Click on image to see price and details)

I can tell you one thing…I want to sock the person who names these headphones. It kills me that someone gets paid to name headphones. I’m sure that there is a system, but I hate their system…It sucks. But that is neither here nor there.

My champion. My Sony WHXB900N’s. These are awesome if I may say so myself. Now, understand that I am no audiophile. Unlike them, I like my sound heavily augmented, with bass, not the fish of course.

The Sony comes with Bluetooth 4.2 one step lower than the Panasonic but still fast data transfer speeds and it comes with a USB Type-C charger connector, just like the Panasonic. This headphone comes with something called Extra Bass. The remaining differences between the two are pretty big.

There is no doubt that the Panasonic’s have the very deep booming immersive bass, not the fish. But it that enough? The Sony’s are feature rich in technology. They do have the bass, no doubt. It’s deep but not head rattling bass. But I do love the features it comes with.

The sound settings. On the Panasonic the settings are the Bass Reactor toggle switch on the right side of the ear cup, and that’s it. On the Sony the sound settings are on a free smartphone app for your phone. You can fully customize your sound profile or use a preset setting. I use a preset named Excited. A bass heavy EQ settings that I love. I do wish the Panasonic’s came with a smartphone app.

There are also touch sensor controls on the Sony that I wish the Panasonic used. On the Sony on the right ear cup you simply brush a finger forward to move a track forward. To move back a track you simply brush your finger backwards. To move the volume up you brush your finger up. To move the volume down you brush your finger down. To pause a track you touch the center of the ear cup and to lower the music so you have a conversation you just cup the right earcup and allows you to have what they call pass through sound.

I got so used to that feature that when I use my Panasonic’s I automatically reach out for that feature. The Panasonic’s use tiny buttons to try and do the same things. I’m not really sure. My fat fingers can’t use the buttons. I have to have my cell readily available by my hands 100% of the time.

The battery life is excellent on the Sony’s. It’s claimed life is 30 hours with its ANC on. I usually just turn it off to extend battery life and it’s so easy to get to. It does take 7 hours to fully charge so you just want to plug it in overnight.

So there are pluses and minuses when deciding to buying one of these headphones. The biggest plus is the Bass Reactor of the Panasonic. The only other place I have been in similar to the Panasonic’s was when I sit in front of twin 10″ Rockford Fosgate sub-woofers pushed by a 1,200 watt Alpine amplifier, in my car of course…I may not be an audiophile, but I loves me some bass. WAHOO! (Not either fish.)

But the tech in the Sony’s make this a best buy for me. Great bass, albeit not headrattling,  good mids and highs. Nice smartphone app to set your sounstage. And of course the touch sensor controls make this the reigning champ in my book.

The price differences are warranted. But for those interested, the Panasonic’s are on sale right now. Click Here




6 thoughts on “Bass Fight-Sony vs Panasonic | And I’m not talking about fishing…

  1. Hello there, There thanks for sharing this awesome article I know it would be of great help to the public as it has been of help to me.I bought the Sony-WH-XB900N expecting it to be a nice upgrade from my XB950N1, and I must say I go my expectation, it was really good and the noise cancellation is really superb.

    1. I am glad that the Sony WHXB900N’s met your expectations. And you are correct about ANC. It is pretty darn outstanding.

      Thanks for the comment.



  2. Hello there! this is an amazing review you have got here. I am sure this quality information in this post will be beneficial to anyone who come across it.

    As a musician, my favorite is the sony products; The vocals in the treble section are usually tuned up so you might find the voices are brought more front from the background music.  

    There are also plenty of higher end Sony headphones known for their performance in classical music. Thanks!

    1. Hello Joy,

      I believe that you are correct in regards to the vocals and the treble sections are tuned up in Sony products. And high end Sony products cater to many audiophiles who often listen to classical music.

      Audiophiles generally don’t like augmented music. They want natural sounds from their audio equipment. I am not an audiophile so I really enjoy bass enhanced music.

      Fortunately, there is something to fit everyone’s tastes. Sony does have the smartphone app which will turn off the augmentation if wanted. But, I do loves me some bass.

      Thanks for the comment.



  3. Hi Courtney,

    This is a really good review of the two types of headphones. For me, I am a huge Sony person. Most of the equipment I have at home is Sony, so I will definitely purchase the Sony version of the headphone.

    I will let you know what I think of them and give my own review of them. Making sure that they are compatible with my other equipment I have mentioned.

    Thank you for sharing and keep up the great work.

    All the best,


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