Skullcandy Crusher ANC

Skullcandy was founded in 2003 and is a few years older than Beats by Dr. Dre. Since then the art of bass heavy headphones has certainly grown. Skullcandy just released it’s new flagship model. The Skullcandy Crusher ANC (Active Noise Cancellation).

It has a slider that controls haptic bass response. Just so you know haptic means that, not only can you hear the bass, but you can feel it too. It rumbles just like if you have a two 10″ subwoofers and a 1,000 watt amplifier pushing them, in your car trunk. Which of course, I do…Yes,I am a basshead…Muhahaha….???

It also comes with digital Active Noise Cancellation, a free downloadable Skullcandy app for your smartphone so you can further customize your sound profile to your liking.

It also has a Tile tracker so if you left your headphones somewhere, your phone can locate it. And a claimed battery life of 24 hours with a quick charge of 10 minutes giving you 3 hours more of “bass” kickin’ music. Well, you know what I mean (wink, wink.).

Another thing that you should know. These bad girls are not only fantastically great for music, but they are outstandingly awesome for movies and gaming. These will definitely make you duck and cover when you put these on to immerse you in an action movie or perhaps your favorite FPS game.

Now about the bass….Woo Wee!!! This bad girl is wicked. She is a woman, do you know why I say that? Anything that will shake your soul, make your heart beat out of your chest, that will make your brain rattle and will make you cr@p your pants and have you smiling all the way. Then these Skullcandy Crushers ANC cans are for you…She’s a bad bitch and she knows it.This is why the Sweet Sound of Skullcandy is, So Yummy and So Sweet. You may want to smoke a cigarette after your encounter with her…I need a smoke just writing this…I mean these are STOOPID crazy!

Skullcandy Crusher ANC

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Skullcandy Crusher

The Skullcandy Crusher is a durable and comfortable pair of headphones. A bit heavier than the competition. (Hahahaha! I don’t even know if there are any competitors against Skullcandy.) But I’m pretty sure that weight wont be a concern after trying these out for a couple of hours. Your concern will be, “Where I can I buy one?” From here of course…

These have a claimed battery life of an incredible 40 hours. Unreal. They also have a quick charge where if you have a dead battery you just charge them up for 10 minutes and you should get 3 more hours of blissful basshead playback. For those who ask, these do not have the ANC (Active Noise Cancellation) in them. These have what they call Noise Isolating Fit. Which means that they wrap your ears completely in a memory foam earcup in a reasonably tight fit that no outside sounds can get in or out, for that matter.

These are great for music but absolutely outstanding for watching movies and gaming. With all the explosions, car crashing and general mayhem, you will be watching and listening in awe and better yet in total extreme immersion with these.

You must be a basshead to love these. Skullcandy has there out of this world haptic feedback, which is the ability to feel your bass and make you go down to your knees and pray for God’s forgiveness. It gets that intense. If you turn down the bass to its lowest you will enjoy a bass heavy balanced “happy” sound. When you move the bass lever up, also called (Adjustable Sensory Bass)…that’s when the magic happens. Oh mama! Oh mama! Many wont be able to take the max bass setting along with the volume at maximum. But you can try….Muhahaha…You’ll not forget the Skullcandy Crusher anytime soon…I’ll meet you on the other side.

Skullcandy Crusher

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Skullcandy Venue

Now these babies are a fine pair of headphones. They have some good qualities and some not so good qualities. First the good. This their first foray into using Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) and these perform admirably. Just a smidge below the likes of Bose and Sony. Now those guys use stoopid and unreal electronics in their cans.

The battery life for these are very respectable. The claimed battery life is a really good 25 hours and have a quick charge of 10 minutes for an ungodly amount of playback of 5 hours…Nice.

They also have the locator app of Tile. You can track the whereabouts of your headphones and you can even ping them so it will chirp if you are nearby if you still cant find them. If they are on somebodies head…well, I’ll just leave that up to you on how to get them back. Tile is a free download available from Apple iTunes and Google Play stores.

The not so good qualities. The build quality is a bit questionable. They sound like a bowl of Rice Krispies when the headphones are twisted and stretched. And when I say Rice Krispies, I mean they Snap, Crackle and Pop! But after the test they held together just fine.

The mics for the phone sound a bit “walkie talkie-ish”. For some people this is an important part of having a set of wireless headphones. For others it’s just a minor inconvenience. That’s it for the not so good qualities for a headphones that cost $130.00.

Now the sound. These dont come with the Adjustable Sensory Bass. This is the model before that became available, but that doesn’t mean that the bass was left out of the sound profile. These have a more forward mids and highs as to not overpower the senses with bass. I know. I know. A skullcandy that doesn’t try and over, overwhelm you with bass? These cans are on sale now for $129.99. If you want to be overwhelemed it’ll cost you a bit more. But for many, that are not bassheads, these will be fine…Maybe.

Skullcandy Venue

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!On Sale Now! Black only


Listening to music is subjective. The sound that emanates from any of these headphones, earbuds, speakers and the like, will be different for each individual. So please be aware, what may sound good to me doesn’t mean it will sound good to you. Please read or watch reviews on any product that I showcase. Or listen to a friends’. Or, go to a retail store and try it out there. A little knowledge can go a long way…then you can buy from me. (Wink, wink)