Gaming Mice

Logitech G502 Lightspeed Wireless Gaming Mouse

In this arena weighing in at 114 grams is The Logitech 502 LIGHTSPEED Wireless Gaming mouse.

And to be sure it is a well-chiseled piece of hardware ready to do battle in your favorite FPS video game.

This baby is equipped with the full 16.8 million RGB lighting for an unbelievable lightshow. and will last a reported 48 hours with the lights on or 60 hours with the lights off.

The lightshow can sync with your 16.8 million RGB keyboard as well.

And you can get rid of the charging of the mouse by purchasing The PowerPlay Mouse Pad. It’s a mouse pad that also acts as a charger for the mouse. You will never have to stop gameplay to charge your mouse.

Oh oh. There goes my Public Service announcement.

It also comes  with weights to balance or just beef up your mouse. They fit by putting them in to little spaces under the mouse that will be enclosed by a cover.

There are (4) weights at 2g and (2) at 4g. You can place none or just a couple, heck you can put all 6 in if you want to. It’s up to you baby. we wont take away your freedoms.

It also has a 16k DPI optical sensor for responsive gaming speed.

The nice thing about Logitech is for every kilogram used in the manufacture of the G502, Logitech helps fund recycling programs of oceanbound plastics.

There are 11 fully customizable buttons so your mouse will do want you want, except maybe being able to make a mean cup of Joe and toast you some sourdough toast.

Maybe next generation of mice.

Anyway, you wont be trapped with this mouse…Get it? Mouse…Trap? My God. Who am I?

Logitech G604 Lightspeed & G602 Wireless Gaming Mouse

For the money, this is one solid mouse. Especially for those who play MMO’s (Massively Multiplayer Online) games.

Personally I use its older cousin The Logitech G602 Wireless Gaming Mouse: Click here for more info.

The G502 has 11 programmable buttons so you can customize your mouse for your needs and with the G-Hub software you can program your buttons so your mouse will do your exact bidding. creamy…

It also comes a with “Lightspeed” toggle switch so you can go from wireless mode to Bluetooth in mere millisecond.

Both of these mice have class leading power efficiency.

The Logitech G604  Lightspeed Wireless Gaming Mouse is as solid as Brick House and can last up to 240 of high performance gaming with one AA battery. Click here for more info. The G602 lasts upto 250 hours using two AA batteries…So juicy.

Creamy? Juicy? All I can say is that these mice are awfully tasty….Muhahaha…Ok. I’ll stop now.


Razer Basilisk Ultimate HyperSpeed Wireless Gaming Mouse

Super fast. No, I mean hyper fast. It’s responsiveness is up the ying/yang with awesome tactility of its customizable scroll wheel resistance.

This baby has a 20,000 DPI optical sensor and its ergonomic design will fit your hand like a glove. This will definitely immerse you deep in any game that uses a mouse.

Do you love to play a 1st person shooter? Then this mouse is for you. It can last up to 100 hours on a full charge and has customizable lighting profiles and 11 programmable buttons.

This mouse can also carry 5 memory profiles, so if you change games you have the ability to use a different memory profile.

This mouse will even make you a cup of coffee and toast your bagel….maybe not. But a person can dream, right?

This Razer Basilisk Ultimate HyperSpeed Wireless Gaming Mouse is the cat’s Meeeow. Get it? Mouse, cat’s? Oh nevermind…It’s just sexy.

I’m on too much coffee and bread now…


Razer Viper Ultimate Hyperspeed Wireless Gaming Mouse

The infamous Razer Viper Ultimate Hyperspeed Wireless Gaming Mouse & Charging Dock.

The same optical sensor as the Basilisk Ultimate but more agile and nimble due to its lighter weight and smaller size. If you’re into that kind of thing.

The Viper Ultimate is smaller and lighter, thus quicker to use in battle. But the Viper Ultimate is also an ambidextrous mouse where the Basilisk is just for a right handed player.

It has less features than the Basilisk but still a formidable Bluetooth mouse.

Man oh man, you have choose which one you prefer, because no matter what you choose, you will pick a great gaming mouse.

Oh, and it comes with a sexy looking charging dock. It’s good to be the king.

The Razer Mamba Chroma & Razer Mamba Wireless Mice

Mamba_chromaWelcome to the snake pit….A mamba snake pit that is.

The Mamba wireless mouse uses an advanced high precision 16,000 DPI Optical Sensor, Chroma RGB Lighting on the scroll wheel and logo and has 7 Programmable Buttons.

Clicky mechanical switches come standard with all Razer mice.

This snake will have plenty of bite by operating for up to 50 hrs on a single charge on a high performance lithium-ion battery.

The Mamba Chroma also uses the same high precision 16,000 DPI optical sensor. This mouse has a lift-off cut-off distance as precise as 0.1-millimeter.

So very important in playing an FPS. The Chroma also has a highly customizable lighting effects. Able to use the full spectrum of nearly 17 million colors for an awesome display of color.

Both Razer Mambas use ergonomic design forms for ultimate hand comfort and provide unsurpassed accuracy, so you will have an even greater advantage over your competition.