Bang & Olufsen Beoplay H9i Wireless Bluetooth Over-Ear Headphones

Talk about silky smooth. If you want gorgeous sound in a classic style with modern features then this is for you. With sound quality of an angel singing in your ear, these Bang & Olufsen Beoplay h9i Wireless Bluetooth Over-Ear Headphones will give your ears an (ahem) eargasm.

These wireless headphones are meant to be a status symbol. With materials like hand stitched cow hide leather over the head band, lamb skin ear pads and touch aluminum side covers these will always make you look stylish, sophisticated and cosmopolitan.

But for these wireless goodies its not just looks. The sound quality is full of bright dynamic spacious sound second to none. In other words, these sound more awesomer! So, if you want a classic look with gorgeous sound with a classic style with modern features. These beautiful wireless headphones are for you.

Beats Solo Pro on Ear headphones Active Noise Cancelling

Beats headphones have become ubiquitous with young people on the go, in the gym, etc. The design has been updated with a matte finish instead of the glossy finish from

These Beats Solo Pro Wireless headphones Click here for more info. will give you up to 40 hours of battery time but with the Active Noise Cancelling on it will playback for 22 hours. Still plenty of time to get your destination plus a gaggle of workouts. And if you need to charge up, a 10 minute charge will give you up to 3 hours of listening time.

They turn on by simply unfolding and turn off by folding them back in. And it is water and sweat resistant. You cant have these headphones on celebrity athletes heads and get them ruined by sweat.

Since Apple owns Beats it only seems to logical that Apple products will just about link to these headphones instantaneously. And you can share your music or videos with another Apple listening device, like AirPods. But Android lovers rejoice because you can still pair these up the same way as you pair all devices.

They have 70% more surface area of padding on the ear cups and fit a but snugger. A theory is it is to help with the Active Noise Cancelling (ANC) isolate a bit better with a tighter fit. You need to have a good seal on your ears to achieve that. You will only feel the snugness if you have a big noggin. Like a pair of skinny jeans…I’m just guessing at that point.

So some pressure on your ears may be a consideration if you wear them for hours at a time…Remember, only if you have a large head.

Sound quality is always a good time when you talk about a Beats product. The bass is a bit more refined than its predecessors but still punchy but less boomy. They sound more balanced and definitely more refined.

Which leads to one thing. Where’s Dr. Dre? I think I need a prescription refill.

Beats Solo3 On the Ear Wireless Headphones

No headphone has been as controversial as these bad boys, or girls…which ever you prefer.

The first and second generation of Beats were considered to be bad.Way too much low end sound.

Then Apple bought them and improved the sound and quality of the brand.

They were a huge hit. They became a fashion statement. They were sleek and they came in a myriad of cool colors. Every good fashionista had to have one.

And since Apple bought them the iPhone and the headphone became one instantly. They found and linked instantaneously.

That ease of operation made this headphone a fashion forward must have. You wear them to rool the skool…or something like that.

Beats claims that the battery will last 40 hours on a full charge and that if the battery runs out of juice a 5 minute charge should give 3 hours of music playback. Now that’s pretty impressive.

The one drawback for some is the on the ear design. Since it fits so snugly on the ear, some have experienced some discomfort after wearing them for an extended amount of time.

Now the Beats Solo3 Headphones still has ridiculous bass, but the mid-range bring out the fullness of sound and also gives a pretty good treble sound.

The sparkle of the high end notes are not really there but it is respectable. Especially if you love to listen to very loud music the high ends wont kill your hearing.

The reviews on these headphones really good.

For the price, you cant “Beats” this…Get it Beat. “Beats”…Forget it.

Bose Over the Ear Wireless Joy – Embrace the Magic

These headphones, the Bose QC 35 II, is like a extra fine creamy peanut butter for the ears. Creamy and muy delicioso. Bose, known the world over for their audio prowess in speaker and headphone technology, has of course, a line of lightweight Bluetooth/Wireless headphones.

The Bose QuietComfort 35 II Noise-Cancelling, Wireless Bluetooth Headphones. These babies have three levels of world-class noise cancellation to provide a listening experience second to none in any kind of environment. Features easy Bluetooth pairing and Bose AR. Bose’s version of audio augmented reality. The sound quality can be explained as natural and clean. Can last 20 hours on a single charge.

The Bose SoundLink Around Ear Wireless Headphones II. This Bluetooth headphone will provide a great immersive sound quality with the deepest lows and the highest of highs. Providing you up to 15 hours of your favorite tunes or audio books on a single charge. Makes traveling long distances never sounding so good.

And of course, the Bose QuietComfort 25 Acoustic Noise Cancelling Headphones. Your music will sound powerful, deep and extremely balanced. The mid-range and high notes sound natural and clear make wearing these lightweight noise canceling headphones on your head a pleasure to listen to everyday.

Like I said before, extra fine creamy peanut butter.


Denon AH-GC30 Premium Noise Canceling Headphones

These Denon’s are beautiful. The thing you notice first when you open up the box is how thick the headband pad is. It is wrapped by luxurious leather. It is a premium feel when they use premium materials.

The Denon’s are very comfortable. With deep earcups surrounded by deep plush soft leather and a super thick and padded headband wrapped in leather this is one of if not the most comfy headphone you will ever wear.

Using other materials such as brushed aluminum and rubberized hard plastic. This is one beautiful, sleek and stylish piece of hardware.

This headphone is presented in a smooth, powerful and lightweight package. Simply gorgeous, in my very humble opinion.

The battery life is rated at 20 hours per charge. Not great bit will last you just about any length of travel…on this world at least. And if you need a re-charge just plug in the handy dandy USB cable included.

These headphones also have manual buttons that you can feel, not the touch pads you see in so many models today. I love to feel physical touch…er, that came out wrong.

The sound from the Denon AH-GC30’s: Click here for more info. are clean and natural. Good bass punch, nice tight luscious mids and crisp trebles give this headphones very high marks.

Use the free Denon Audio app to adjust your audio settings. Use it to adjust your EQ settings the exact way you want to listen.

Do you feel me? Not literally of course.

Denon AH-GC25W Premium Wireless Headphones

These Denons are flat as all headphones should be.Let me explain. The goal for all headphones is to sound as natural as possible, especially in the world of classical music.

Natural = Flat. These is no such thing as electronic processors in an audiophiles world to elevate the bass or too raise the mids or increase the treble…Please don’t get me in treble….Ha! I made a funny.

Any way, these sound rich and very dynamic as themselves…These are premium after all.

But what if you wanted to alter the sound profile on these already performance – tuned premium super-fine headphones?

Well you can make a smartphone app or use the free Denon Audio app to bring out more of that thumping bass you and I both love.

Or if you so desire, bring out the the rich luscious sounds of the mid range drivers and add more sparking clear vocals to your sound.

You are able to mold the music to what you want. Audiophiles may frown down upon you…but who cares.

Like Marie Antoinette said to the peasants, “Let them eat cake.” right before she was beheaded during the French Revolution. Now before some of you correct me on that, just know that I am not a historian…So there.

These share the great same looks as its brother the GC30’s. They are both supremely comfortable, no strike that, ultra supremely, plushy comfy and are made with the same premium materials.

Even better for those who love their muzak is that these Denon AH-GC25W’s: Click here for more info will last 30 hours on a single charge. Nice, huh.

Yup. I thought so too.

Sennheiser PXC 550 Bluetooth Headphone –

NoiseGard Adaptive, Noise Cancelling, Bluetooth Headphone. This is what new baby headphones aspire to be when they grow up. Are these the best Bluetooth headphones on the market? Quite possibly so. Armed with the Sennheiser’s CapTune app you can customize your sound with their software equalizer, or use the presets that come with the app. You can move the bell to put a bass kick and a treble sparkle in your music.

The noise canceling setting is good for long flights or loud, long raucous train rides. The long lasting battery is a thing to behold. Able to last up to a claimed 30 hours on a full charge with all the bells and whistles turned off. This will handle just about any travel trips, except for maybe a Mars mission, but you can recharge at your nearest electrical socket if needed. And it has an automatic off an on feature. When you fold them up they automatically turn off an when you open them up they automatically turn on.

These Sennheiser PXC 550 Wireless headphones are light and verrry comfortable making those long trips rather enjoyable. And, of course the Sennheiser pedigree of sound engineering is there. It’s always there. It’s a Sennheiser. German engineering at its best.

Sony WH1000XM3 Wireless w/Active Noise Cancellation

Extraordinary sophistication defined. This is a grown ups, not your dads, headphone.

Stylish, sleek with awesomely amazing auditory noises that come outta these puppies puts the shake in a milkshake, the vroomm in a Ferrari the jelly in a doughnut…I know you know what I am talking about.

The smooth sounds that oozes out of these fine cans is like riding a super plush, fast and powerful Rolls..as in Royce. I’ll explain.

It has industry leading ANC or Active Noise Cancellation. If you are in a plane, train, car or boat these headphones are for you. You can just listen to your muzak in a crystal clear manner just like if your in your favorite listening chair in your palatial home. Wish I had one. 🙁

It doesn’t have the lower end of say, the Sony WH-XB900N’s…My God, who names these? But these have a more natural sound to them. A nice tight bass, great mid-range tones and clear highs that sparkle like stars in the night sky???

It also has a Sony smartphone app where you can control your particular sounds. You can increase your bass tones elevate your mid-ranges or decrease your trebles, if you feel the need.

It’s lightweight and comfortable and has a rated battery life of 30 hours. It also has quick charge capability which should give you 5 hours on a 10 minute charge.

Oh, and you can connect and have voice control with Alexa.

These Sony Noise Cancelling Headphones: WH1000XM3 Wireless Bluetooth Over The Ear w/Mic and Alexa Voice control – Industry Leading Noise Cancellation…Damn it! They’re good.

Nuff said.

Sony WH-XB900N w/Extra Bass Headphones

Sony_WH-XB900NOfficially called the Sony WH-XB900N Wireless Noise Canceling Extra Bass Headphones. This one feels like warm creamy melted butter being poured into my ears.

If you are a bass lover like I am then these will fill your head with some delicious tight low end bass. Thus, the title of Extra Bass. There is enough bass to make your soul cry out in delightful joy. And they provide a great mid-range kick and a spicy spark of tingling treble notes.

Now this little gift of heavenly sound is brought to us by Sony. You may have heard of them before as they are a very diverse company in creating many different things. Well, this creation is one more creation to be proud of. So Sony, if you’re reading this put another notch on your belt.

The Sony WH-XB900N will get you groovin’ for up to 30 hours on a single charge and it also has a quick charge capability where you can charge them for 10 minutes and get an hour’s worth of playback.

These headphones are lightweight, sleek and don’t forget the Sony Headphone App so you have total control of your sound. If you love the bombastic rumble of great bass, then bass-heads unite, because this headphone will give you what you want…Now pass me the melted butter. I want a bite of this beast.

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  1. Wows this is an amazing review you’ve got here as it has carefully explains the qualities of these beautiful headsets. they are all beautiful and especially the ‘Beats Solo3 On the Ear Wireless Headphones’ as it has it’s unique way of projecting the song in your ear. I can’t wait to get mine, thanks!

  2. My son bought me Dr. Dre wireless headphones, I have to say they are great, but a bit on the bulky side. From your article I like the Sony WH1000XM3 Wireless w/Active Noise Cancellation the best, they have everything I need plus noise cancelation. They also look pretty lightweight. Great review. 

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