Hello Everybody, How do you like my site so far?

Hello Everybody,

How do you like my site? Do you like my layout, my writing style, the way I use videos and images?

I have to tell you that I had a lot of fun writing this blog. I tried to be interesting and funny at times. I know a lot of you won’t get my humor at times…okay, most of the time. But hey, I gave it my best shot.

The items that I don’t own, which is most of them. I gave them my auditions at retail shops so I can try out almost every item I am selling through Amazon. I have to wear disguises when I go to these retail shops. They seem to recognize me now.

As most of you have surmised by now, I am an Amazon Affiliate. I get a small commission for every sale I make. It’s not much as my website has been live for about two months at this point…Rome was not built in a day.

I know. You may ask yourself. Self. “Why should I trust this guy and buy from him?” I do have an answer…kind of…First, my name is Courtney and I am a guy.

You may think, “Hey. Isn’t that a girls name?” My answer is. “Not always.” In the 70’s there was an actor named Robert Wagner. Many won’t recognize his name, so I just dated myself.

Anyways, He was a very popular actor who was married to Natalie Wood who was also a popular Hollywood actress. They were Hollywood Royalty back in the day.

In 1974 they had their first daughter which they named…drum roll please…Courtney. They, of course being very popular actors in Hollywood were emulated by many and then for a time Courtney became a very popular girls name.

I do remember growing up that, Courtney was a top 10 girls name. I don’t know where it places now, since I am ow in my mid-fifties…As my kids would say, old as dirt.

Anyways, with a name like Courtney and who was at one time pretty buff and brown, not at one time, I was always brown…I mean, have I not shown you all the ingredients of being a trustworthy guy?

I won’t answer that. But when you purchase from my website you will be purchasing from Amazon.com directly. Whether it’s a purchase, return or support you will be dealing with the professionals at Amazon.

I don’t cost more than Amazon. The price you see on their links is exactly what you will pay.

I am just here for your entertainment…Are you not entertained?

How do you like dem apples…


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10 thoughts on “Hello Everybody, How do you like my site so far?

  1. I must say I love your site why?? 1.Your layout is very good that is your choice of themes and how you arrange your layout; the way you position your article at the left side, why there are some details on the far right side 2. Your choice of colours  Wow!! The background black really makes makes the wordings visible And finally the choice of website name is exceptional…..keep up the good work.




  2. Hi, it is a great and nice feeling to know that someone will create a great website like this and also create a write up on an article like this. The layout of your website is simple and simplicity is one major key to a great website. How ever I think it should be a bit brighter so as to enhance readability. Good job

  3. Wow 🤩! This is enticing Courtney, I seriously admire your layout in the website as it will help make websites look attractive on desktops, smartphones and tablets. I’m sure you took your time to select it.

    Its cool man, the design alone can drive traffic to your website as it will interest visitors to visit again and again. I love it man!

  4. Awesome blog and  website own  by you Courtney. You’ve got interesting contents and also the design is super cool and extraordinary.

    It’s really a cool strategy to drive traffic by selling through Amazon without charges and allowing the visitor’s entertainment comes first. I look forward to seeing more of you bro! Success!!

  5. Courtney

    First man you have what i call a personality and for me that’s the first thing i appreciate, perhaps a little naive yet humor is good but, but i recommend you also keep it tighter not to friendly friendly, as this can be suspicious to some prospective interested buyers

    I would have started out different and finished up with your character and personality at the end, it would seem more relaxing to a reader than too much honesty at the beginning.

    The site is a good strong template and easy to read content, i have tried black before and it didn’t work with my particular niche so maybe you can consider a colour change

    I believe you have potential selling the product line you are interested in Denon/Sony and other audiophile stuff

    just go back are rework the pitch and do some adjustments 

    you can check out mine and see if that helps u have 2 sites

    good luck buddy 


  6. Well! The cost of entertainment is in the person delivering the entertainment, and I must say that I really enjoyed my little stay on your website right now. I like how you combined humour to explain satire and to deliver your lines. This is quite great and I’m delighted you have shared this. Thank you so much. I’ll be sure to checkout your website out again.

  7. Hello Courtney, I must say your style is easy to read and if anyone doesn’t find you funny, that’s their problem. Its clear that you are having an enjoyable time writing. I’d never heard of a guy called by that name before but thanks for explaining how it all came about. We can’t change the past but can only make the most of the present for a better future.

    We are Blessed.

  8. Hi, your website if very readable, and I liked the stories shared by you, and the picture promoting WA is captivating. May I wish you success as you build your webpages!

  9. I love your humor, I believe some people have some kind of attraction, and it looks like you have it ;). Honestly, I’m not a fan of the black background, but this is my opinion. For the rest I think your site is quite engaging, I have checked on the reviews and I like the fact that there is a little video with the review.
    Well done 🙂
    I wish you the best in all that you do 😉

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