JBL CLUB 950nc Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

Are these headphones over-engineered? First, these headphones are built like a Humvee, but like a Humvee it is very heavy. They weigh in at 372 grams about 100 grams over what I think is comfortable. There is no denying that these are a good looking pair of cans, I guess you can call them buff. The over the ear earcups are spacious and have a very nice memory foam feel but the weight is something you should consider if you are a delicate flower. Football players, weightlifters and wrestlers who regularly workout their necks will not be affected by the weight of these behemoths.

The JBL CLUB 950nc tech specs say that on a full charge, which can be achieved in under 2 hours using a USB-C charging port, will give you a claimed playtime of 22 hours with Bluetooth and ANC on. 55 hours with just Bluetooth on and 30 hours with an Aux-in and ANC on. they also feature a Bluetooth 5.0 connection and can handle being connected to two devices at the same time.

There generally no latency issues when watching streaming services, but there is some latency with watching YouTube videos if you use an iOS device. There is no latency issues across the board if you are an Android user. Just something to be aware of.

There is a JBL smartphone app that will allow you to customize your sound profile so that you can choose how you listen to music or movies. And for ultra bass heads there is a switch on the headphones themselves called bass boost. These will rattle your head but not shake your head called haptic feedback. Most noticeably on the Skullcandy Crusher series. But these will keep bassheads happy. The mids are pretty clean and the highs sparkle but never tinny. Bit these are noticeably have JBL’s signature sound of powerful bass.

The ANC and Ambient Aware on these are good tools and The Talk Thru mode is pretty good too. You just push a button on the headphnes and it will lower your music and activate the mics so you can easily carry a conversation. These three tools are activated either on the JBL amartphone app and on the headphones too.

These JBL CLUB 950nc’s are a very feature rich pair of headphones. It seems to have just about everything you can ask for. But that weight though. These are a very heavy set, the most I’ve ever seen. Like the kids say today…These are phat, in more ways than one.

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JBL LIVE 650BTnc Bluetooth Headphones w/ANC

These are a great sounding and affordable choice for people on a budget. And these weigh a lot less than it’s brethren the JBL CLUB 950’s. These weigh in at a much more reasonable weight of 263 grams making these very lightweight thus, easier to wear on your head.

These also work well with Google Voice Assistant and Amazon Alexa by simply tapping on a button on the headphones. These also have pretty good ANC (Active Noise Cancellation) if you want to block outside noise and just want to enjoy your music. These also have Ambient Aware and Talk Thru Tech when you need to hear what’s around you and carry a conversation.Hands free calling is also used in this set as well.

The LIVE 650’s also uses a micro USB charging cable and has the claimed battery life of 30 hours with ANC turned off and around 20 hours with ANC turned on. Recharge time is a claimed 2 hours. Additionally, these use Bluetooth 4.2 for data connection.

These definitely uses the JBL Signature Sound to produce great punchy bass, clear tasty mids with nice clear sparkling highs. And if you want more, the JBL headphone app will help you customize your sound profile meaning, if the native bass is not enough you can just tun up it up. As I have stated before, I am a self-professed basshead who loves me some bass! Of course there are many out there who listen to their music on a neutral level. Well, that’s fine too.

This begs the question. Are these good? For the features you get at the current price you can get these…my answer is an indubitable…YES!

c(Click on the image of the JBL LIVE 650BTnc or here to see the details and price)

JBL TUNE 120TWS – True Wireless Earpods

These JBL TUNE 120TWS are a very affordable and attractive earbuds. They offer a good fit for most people and if you use the right size eartips these will give you a good sound isolation feel and feel very rugged.

4.2 Bluetooth is the data connection that these use, now I personally would have preferred a 5.0 Bluetooth connection and a USB-C connection but at this price I guess they had to leave something out. So these come with micro USB charging cable.

Charging time is a claimed 2 hours from empty to full charge giving you a 4 hour playback on these earbuds. Additionally, you get 12 hours more with the attractive charge case. These earbuds and cases come in 6 fun colors, if you consider black a fun color, but different color combinations nonetheless. The JBL TUNES 120TWS also has the capability of a quick charge of 15 minutes giving you 1 hour of additional playtime but no IPX rating so side on the side of caution and don’t get these wet. These had no latency issues watching videos at least with iOS devices.

These definitely have the JBL signature sound. A great low end thick punchy bass kick with good mids and highs. But the bass is the star of these earpods. So, to recap, these are great for motivating you if you want to workout listening to Rock, Pop or Hip-Hop. And these are definitely not audiophile neutral listening devices.

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JBL Charge 4 | Waterproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker

You can call this the fun speaker. First, it comes in 12 color variations, which I personally like the green camo color but would be personally be afraid to purchase because I would worry that I might lose it during a camping trip.

That is if I ever went camping. Which I used to in a 24′ motor home. Not exactly roughing it but I still went out into the wilderness, well kind of…Hey, I could still lose the speaker.

Second, it has an IPX7 rating, which means it can withstand being in water at a depth of 1 meter for 30 minutes. So for all intents and purposes it can be considered waterproof. Would I ever do this to my speaker on purpose? No. But it is nice to know that it has that capability to be dunked in water and survive.

Third, The claimed battery life on a full charge is 20 hours. That’s pretty good for a rugged and durable portable speaker like the JBL Charge 4.

fourth, It is charged with a USB-C charger which ensures a claimed faster charge time of going from zero charge to full charge in 5.5 hours. This is much longer than my B&O A1 portable Bluetooth speaker, but my B&O is newer than the JBL. Just saying…

This portable speaker will easily fit in a backpack so you can take it with you wherever you go. The Charge 4 weighs a bit over 2 lbs. so it is also reasonably light. For data transfer it uses a Bluetooth 4.2 connection and works with Android and iOS phones but has a slight latency with the iOS devices so listening to music is no problem but watching videos may annoy you a bit.

The Charge 4 also has JBL connect which is the ability to connect up to a 100 JBL devices together through a JBL app but cannot change the sound profile as it does not come with a native EQ. And you cannot pair of Charge 4’s together to create a stereo soundstage. They will be in a mono state.

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Listening to music is subjective. The sound that emanates from any of these headphones, earbuds, speakers and the like, will be different for each individual. So please be aware, what may sound good to me doesn’t mean it will sound good to you. Please read or watch reviews on any product that I showcase. Or listen to a friends’. Or, go to a retail store and try it out there. A little knowledge can go a long way…then you can buy from me. (Wink, wink)