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The reason I choose to sell name brand devices is because of customer and tech support. Now mind you, bot all customer support is great. Some are passable, others are great,  some are bad. But it is there as a valuable resource for you too use.  For example, the last thing I bought overseas came from the other side of the world, ahem, China. It was a knock off of a Sony PSP. First, my item did not work right and when it did, it operated in a foreign language. The operating manual was in Chinese.

Do you think think for one second that they would have an effective customer support line? And I didn’t have time to brush up on my Mandarin or Cantonese. I didn’t want to return it. It took 3 weeks for it to be delivered in the first place. I just didn’t want to be bothered with the refund process. It cost me 50 bucks for that item. Not expensive, but still 50 bucks  is 50 bucks. So I decided to just eat the cost.

iPhone 11Reputable Name brand product on the other hand will always have an effective customer/technical support line. They know a customer that is well taken cared of is a happy customer who will likely be a return customer.

This is why there is such a thing as brand loyalty. Once they have earned your trust you will likely be a long term repeat customer. I am a big believer in that. The longest that I have been a loyal customer for is for the Apple iPhone. I remember waiting in line for the iPhone 3 in 2009. I was a network administrator then. After that I upgraded to the iPhone 4, then the 5, the 6. The 7,8 I skipped because my 6 was working so well. Was there an iPhone 9? Anyways, I thought about getting the iPhone 10, but waited until my iPhone 6 had a big issue. Then it happened. I couldn’t hear incoming callers.  And the 6 was about to be unsupported soon, so then and only then I decided to buy the iPhone 11.

I have to say that I will continue to be an iPhone fan…maybe forever. I mean, I have been through 5 generations of their smartphones, never broke a screen, never had a problem, except for the 6 which was ending its service career. I bought because of my stellar record with them and I know that they have a stellar reputation. How’s that for brand loyalty.

2 thoughts on “Name brand – Why I choose name brand

  1. I have been a Samsung customer for many years. The good thing about using the same name brand is that only small things change from model to model.
    Waiting on something from China and then finding out it does not work as designed is a major problem today. I will not order something unless I know where to find help if it does not work.
    To me, the $50 would be a lot of money, is there a way to find out before you purchase an item where it is coming from.

    1. Hi John,

      Samsung is a reputable brand for sure. I would love to buy a Samsung TV one day, but today is not the day. I did do research on that China knock off i ordered and I knew it was coming from China. You can do an internet search on the name brand of the item and you can also look at the site you bought it from. They might tell you where its shipping from. The biggest red flag for me was the shipping date I would receive it. 3 weeks meant it was coming from overseas on a ship. But I still wanted to give it a try. I made a wrong decision.

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