Showcased Devices – To Live and Die For

These brands of high-end Bluetooth devices are what I consider to be the best of the best. The cream…La creme’ of the crop. Anyways, you know what I mean. Some of the brands I have firsthand knowledge of. Others, I know by reputation.

I’m sure that you have heard of these brands or at least aware of them.  I’ve decided to showcase six brands, a very small sampling of Bluetooth products available right now. So, with no further delay. Shall we begin?

Powerbeats by Dr. Dre – Powerbeats Pro

All young audiophiles have heard of or used Powerbeats by Dr. Dre, or Beats as the cool kids say. Whether you use a wireless Powerbeats model in the home or on the go, the Beats brand is hard to Beat(s). ..Get it?

Anywhoos, this Powerbeats Pro model as shown in the video,  are made for athletes who move very fast and are designed to stay in place during rigorous activity. Or they can be used in a less aggressive manner, like making a sandwich. Well whatever you use it for rest assured that you will be listening to great sounding tunes and look good while doing it.

This is not an endorsement that you will be more attractive, rather your will feel good as you bop your head up and down and sway your hips to the music comin’ outta these headphones. With its rich bass notes and great styling, this is La Creme’.

Razer Gaming mouse – Basilisk Ultimate showcased

A Razer gaming mouse is known as one of the best or the best gaming mice that a mortal human being can own. With the Razer Basilisk Ultimate you will feel a refined and a tactile feel and you will be in the middle of the action in no time while doing it with Style. and finesses. Notice the capital “S” I put there?

But gaming mice isn’t their only game. They also have a complete lineup of gaming keyboards, headsets, headphones, speakers, gaming pads and laptops to put you right in the middle of the action. Ca you say, La Creme’.


Sennheiser Bluetooth Earpods – Momentum

For the audiophile extraordinaire. Known for years as the pinnacle of personal audio (Headphones.) The Bluetooth Sennheiser Momentum is the product for all you high end audiophiles out there.Not only do they sound incredible, but they look the part too.

These earbuds are so exquisitely refined with detailed sound and impeccable styling, these may be too good for me. But if given the chance these Bluetooth earpods would be mine. All mine…Muhahahaha! Okay. I’ll stop now. La Creme’, La Creme’.

Bluetooth Bose Audio – Bose Alto Frames

Bose audio, known for years as a speaker and headphone name brand has moved on with the times to create Bluetooth wireless headphones, both and are also known for the amazing sound of their wireless compact wireless speaker systems, and sunglasses???

These are the new Bose Alto Frames. A stylish  way of listening to your tunes on the go, looking good and hearing everything around you too. Creamy spacial awareness. La Creamy Creme’.

Apple Bluetooth Earpods – Airpod Pro

Known the world over for its legendary iPhone lineup of smartphones, has also entered the arena of Bluetooth headphones.

With styling that only Apple engineers can come up with, they came up with the AirPods Pro. With sound that is equally impressive if not a little bit better than the competition. But everyone has different standards of what sounds good or even great to them.

It’s a personal decision. and Apple tech prowess has come up with some really impressive products over the years From desktop computers, MacBooks, iPods, iPhones to iPads and beyond.

Apple has  developed a fierce and dedicated following, including me. I am a huge Apple iPhone fan since the beginning. They are, Impressive…Most impressive.

Bang & Olufsen – A9 Wireless Speaker

The ultimate in impeccable refinement and styling, Bang & Olufsen has been known as a design studio (They’re Danish of course) as well as a high-performance, high tech stereo equipment  manufacturer.

They give a premium feel to all their products and the A9 Wireless Speaker is no exception. A stand  alone speaker that can be placed on a 3 legged tree or even hung up on a wall. This is a piece of dynamic art.

It has an internal 480 watt amplifier, so don’t let its refined looks fool you. This will pump out some tunes. This is ultimate in La Creme.


My Thoughts

The products that I have showcased are in no means representative of how many Bluetooth devices and different models are available to the public. I’ve presented a very small sampling of what products are out there. There are many name brand manufacturers out there today that produce good high quality equipment. There are also thousands of cheap knock-offs out there. Some are actually masquerading as name brand product. Always do a little research when buying anything. These six companies that I have just showcased have all had problems with counterfeiters. Buy from a reputable retailer or buyer beware.


Listening to music is subjective. The sound that emanates from  any of these headphones, earbuds, speakers  and the like, will be different for each individual. So please be aware, what may sound good to me doesn’t mean it will sound good to you. Please read or watch reviews on any product that I showcase.  Or listen to a friends’.  Or, go to a retail store and try it out there. A little knowledge can go a long way…then you can buy from me. (Wink, wink)





14 thoughts on “Showcased Devices – To Live and Die For

  1. Love your site dude!! Thanks for sharing all of this information on these cool devices. As a musician sound is very important to me, so seeing the gadgets that you have showcased on your website is an awesome source of quality products that I will be checking out even more.
    Thanks again!!

  2. Thank you for your showcase of Bluetooth devices. I did not know there were so many Bluetooth devices and that they were so valuable and useful for living our day to day lives. Which of these Bluetooth devices are the most useful or important to you and why? I like headphones the best.

    1. Hello Jon,

      My favorite Bluetooth device that I use everyday is my iPhone11 paired with my JBL Charge3 Bluetooth speaker. My iPhone is the newest tech purchase I have made. I have put on a pair of my friends Beats Pro earbuds and they sounded awesome. I have also owned a Razer, Viper I think, wired gaming mouse which operated awesomely. I had one when I played PC Video games. Most of the devices I own are maybe one generation older than the devices I showcased. I did post about a new Bluetooth wireless speaker today. The Bang & Olufsen A9. It is a work of art…and very expensive. At $3,000 it is a bit out of my price range.

  3. Many thanks to you for sharing such an excellent article with us and for giving us detailed information about such an important topic .I love listening to music so these devices are very important to me .I purchased Apple Bluetooth in your article and it is something that is really cool to me. I am a big Apple brand fan myself  .The design and technology that Apple engineers have perfected has fascinated me .The sound through it sounds great .Apple has made a tremendous and dedicated development .I would like to buy an iPhone from Apple brand in the future and I will purchase it soon and will definitely share my new experience with you.

    1. Thank you Shanta,

      I really appreciate your positive review of my article. As you know, I am also a huge Apple fan since the iPhone3 came out. I still have that phone somewhere. Apple product designers and engineers are so good, they make the technology so easy to use. They are pinnacle of coolness if you ask me! I would enjoy if you shared your experience with your new Apple iPhone. Once again, thank you for the positive review.

      Give me a page from your website so I can return the favor.



  4. Pretty cool Bluetooth devices you showed there Courtney. I didn’t know that Bose had stepped up from just it’s award winning speakers. Their new product the Bose Frames Sunglasses is quite a step away from speakers, but they seem to have done a great job. Those sunglasses look really good. Sounds like something to get because i bet they have that Bose trademark sound quality.

    The other products that i recognised from your Showcased devices to live for were the Apple earpods and of course the Beats by Dre. I’ve always heard the Beats are awesome and i’ve seen other companies trying to make it woith immitations of the Beats brand, but nothing comes close.

    All in all, these are some awesome bluetooth gadgets that you have on showcase here. Hard to say which one i like more but i know it’s probably a toss up between the Beats and those Bose audio sunglasses.

    1. Thanks Donald,

      I do love the deep rich sounds of the  Powerbeats Pro. but, I think the Bose Alto Frames sound great, but since they do not enclose the ear or go directly into the ear canal, I don’t think that they would have the same bass kick as the Beats Pro. They do look styling though. I can totally see myself walking down a sunny beach wearing the Bose. But the styling and the way the Beats Pro stay around the ears makes the Beats Pro hard to beat. Thanks for such a positive review of my post.

      Shoot me a page from your website and I will return the favor.


  5. Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to comment on your “Showcased Devices – To Live and Die For”.

    I love those Powerbeats by Dr. Dre – Powerbeats Pro are the way to go, they my favorites! I really enjoyed the YouTube videos, they are great! You have really created an awesome article here.

    Thank you again for allowing me the opportunity to comment on your article.

    Blessings To You My Friend,


    1. Thank you Jerry,

      It means a lot to me when I put something together it is appreciated. I also love the Beats Pro. I listened to a friends pair once. If you want, shoot me a page and I will return the favor. Thanks again for your positive review.


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