Bang & Olufsen Beoplay A1 Portable Bluetooth Speaker with Microphone

Oh My! With a high end premium feel, this Bang & Olufsen A1 does not disappoint. Vocals are crisp and clear and puts out a nice rich bass notes as well.

This speaker can can fill a medium sized room with great sound and is awesome, especially coming from a hand sized 1.5lb. small Bluetooth speaker.

And don’t forget the B&O smartphone app that you can easily download and link with the A1.

Perfect size if you are in your house or outside on the go. This speaker not only sounds great on my tables but I can hang it on a wall or on a tree branch with the handy dandy leather strap.

The Bang & Olufsen Beoplay A1 is a very attractive, well engineered and designed piece of audio equipment from the Danes of course. A very high quality sound that will make your bowels quake….nahhh. Just kidding. But it will make you feel good.

Bang & Olufsen Beolit 17 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

What can I say about greatness. All the superlatives in the world cant describe the sweet sounds that come out of this “box”. But, alas I will try.

This is certainly not just any box. It is a symphony of the excesses of streaming audio so opulent that it comes from a deep dream state of the mind. Well, enough of that.

Let’s get into some details. This was made for the connoisseur of mobile listening. It features a 360 degree listening area and underneath that sexy aluminum grille (notice the ‘e’ I put in the end of that word).

A 51/2″ long stroke, wide band sub-woofer and three 1 1/2″ wide band tweeters placed all around the cabinet for excellent sound. Emits an amazingly deep bass tones and you can pair it with another Bang & Olufsen Beolit 17 unit.

The digital control pad is an excellent tool too. I’ll take one of these Bang & Olufsen Beolit 17 Wireless Bluetooth Speakers. No, I’ll take two please, with a glass of an excellent Cabernet Sauvignon.


Bang & Olufsen Beoplay M5 True360 Wireless Speaker

Ooh La La mon cheri! This unit has three 3/4″ tweeters and a front facing mid-range unit each with its own 30 watt digital amplifier. Additionally it has a downward facing 5″ bass unit with its own 40 watt digital amplifier.

This is elegance and sophistication personified in a 360 degree sound unit.

Weighing in at a little above 12 lbs. makes this a pretty substantial little speaker. Its touch controls are easy to master and thoughtfully designed.

Now, be aware that even though this a Bluetooth device, this still requires a power source to plug in to.

This Bang & Olufsen Beoplay M5 True360 Wireless Speaker is a very stylish unit that sounds as good, maybe even better than it looks. I’ll have mine with a bottle of Opus One Cabernet, please.

Bang & Olufsen – A9 Wireless Speaker

The ultimate in impeccable refinement and styling. Bang & Olufsen has been known as a design studio (They’re Danish of course) as well as a high-performance, high tech stereo equipment manufacturer.

They give a premium feel to all their products and the Bang & Olufsen A9 Wireless Speaker is no exception and is built with only premium materials.

And it can read hand signals! You can swipe your hand across the top to raise or lower the sound. Tap to the right to go to the next track, tap left to go to the previous track, rest your hand on top to pause, tap on the center to go to the last played source…Yup, pretty cool.

A stand alone speaker that can be placed on a 3 legged tree or even hung up on a wall. This is a piece of dynamic art.  You can install on a wall with an optional wall bracket.

It can even be paired to other Bang & Olufsen Wireless speakers for multi-room playback.  If you pair with another A9 both will go in to stereo mode.

This work of art has an internal dedicated  amplifiers for its speakers. So don’t let its refined looks fool you. This will pump out some groovy tunes.

This piece of art has a 8′ woofer powered by its own 400 watt amp, (2)-3″ mids have a 200 watt amp, (2)-11/2″ full range speakers have a 200watt amp and  (2)-3/4″ tweeters have a 150 watt amp. That’s 7 speakers with dedicated amps. A 950 total watts people…Can I get a Amen?!

This champion of sound weighs in at 32.4 lbs with the legs and 30.9 without.

The disc shape of The Bang & Olufsen A9 was designed in a circle because sound waves are shaped in a circle.This is the ultimate in listening to nirvana…Nice.

I’ll have this with a bottle of Grand Patron, please…


Beats Pill+ Wireless Bluetooth Speakers

These speakers have been called magifique, as they say in…what country is that? France, Italy? Oh okay…France. Are these pills of power worthy of such a hefty term? For a small Bluetooth speaker, I wholeheartedly agree.

These little beauties do indeed pack a punch…A mighty punch. Much like a prizefighter with quick jab followed by a right hook then a knockout uppercut…I know, I know. That was a series of punches. But you get the picture…Right?

Think of it this way. A heavyweight fighter has the knockout power to put their opponent on the mat in one mighty punch. A featherweight fighter may take a few punches to put down an opponent. Get it?…Nevermind. I’ll just continue my rant later..

This speaker comes with four speakers. Two tweeters and two woofers placed side by side and the tweeters placed on the outside of the woofers, and it’s in stereo.

These pills will last you 12 hours on a full charge and come with a USB charging port for your smartphone if you need a quick charge.

You can also pair them up with another and use the Beats app to connect them as true stereo speakers.

For their size, these beauts put out a lot of sound, especially for Hip-Hop. The low notes get pretty low and the highs can get really high. I do recommend these Beats Pills+ indubiously. Is that a word?

Just take two Beats Pill+ and call me in the morning…

Bose Portable Home Speaker — with Alexa Voice Control

Bose_wireless_home_speakerOh mama, oh mama!!! This Power Tower puts out a delicious array of sumptuous sound in 360 degrees. The bass is a tasty cavalcade of symphonic power that pour rivulets of pleasure over me making me feel the deep vibrato sounds wash over my temporal lobe. Not only can I hear but I can feel the power of beautiful sound come over me again and again and again….I better relax.

What I am trying to say is that this unit sounds great. And it is Bluetooth and wireless. Complete freedom to take high fidelity sound with you where ever you go. It does come with the handy dandy carrying strap. So I don;t know why they call this a home speaker. It’s water resistant for God’s sake and has enough battery power to last up to 12 hours on a full charge.

The Bose Portable Home Speaker has Alexa built-in and pairs with other Bose smart devices. You want more control? Use the Bose Music App, it’s free.

This Bluetooth wireless speaker is the most well balanced and powerful that I have personally ever heard.

Kudos to Bose, Kudos to me. Oh heck, kudos to everyone who reads this.

Bose SoundLink Revolve and Revolve+ – Evolve Your Sound

bose_soundlinkI call these the little towers of power. Enclosed in a seamless aluminum body that are water resistant and provide 12 and 16 hours of auditory power for your listening pleasure These babies pump out your favorite tunes in a 360 degree circle, so be assured that there are no bad seats when listening to these.

With premium quality components, you will hear rich bass tones, nice and tight mid-range notes and a crisp tweeter t o hit the highs. You will find these Bose units will have a well balanced,and superb sound quality about them.

As stated, the Bose SoundLink Revolve will last for 12 hours on a full charge.The Bose SoundLink Revovlve+ will last 16 hours on a full charge. Its bigger body will also provide bigger punchier bass tones that you will so desire for a unit of his size. And it comes with a handy hand strap for those on the go!

You can also pair two together for an ambient sound of unsurpassed sound waves. So good you’ll be surfing on a cloud of sound. (I cannot in good conscious recommend that you surf on a wave of sound.)

These look stunningly handsome when sitting on top of the available charging cradle.

Bose I salute you!


HEOS 7, 5 and 3 by Denon Premium – Music to my big fat ears

HEOS means Home Entertainment Operating System. And I must say that this OS is simply brilliant in the way it can integrate all of the HEOS speakers and integrate with your component speakers as well. I’ll get to that later.

You can put these speakers in different rooms and not only play the same song but you can also play the speakers at different volume levels. Pretty slick, huh?

Not only that, but you can play different tracks on theses speakers from the same device as well. How do you like em now?

Not only that but you can add your component speakers to the mix as well. By purchasing a HEOS Amplifier you can connect any of your speakers to your wireless zones too.

If you already have a Denon or Marantz receiver that supports HEOS then it seconds as a HEOS amplifier. Just plug in your component speakers and, Wala. You can stream your music to them.

The sounds that these speakers are FINE as in SUPER FINE…They all are designed well, but the HEOS 3 is most versatile as it can lay on its side or bottom.

They all have a great bass kick and mid-range richness and clear vocals.

But as in most if not all speakers the larger the enclosure the more rich bass tones you get. So from small to big the richness of bass is. HEOS 3, good. HEOS 5, better, HEOS 7, best. So, no surprise there…Right?

There is also the smallest speaker. The HEOS 1 HS2: Click here for more info. A great sounding all around speaker as well. The smallest in stature but by no means the smallest in sound in its class.

Enclosed for your delight is the HEOS amplifier if you are interested in making your existing component speakers part of the streaming universe. Click here for more info.


Denon DSB 250BT, 150BT and 50BT  – Music to my big fatears…Part Deux

These beauties are some of the most ruggedly good looking, awesome sounding Bluetooth speakers around.

Bring them to a room, backyard, beach, picnic, park…anywhere where you can go these can go with you anytime.

The Denon DSB 250BT: Click here for more info sounded just as good if not better than my Bang & Olufsen A1 portable speaker. And they are less expensive too!

But room placement makes a huge difference in where you place a speaker.

Anyways, the larger of the three has a very beautiful, balanced smooth, Verry smooth (Like warm maple syrup easing down your throat smooth) sound and style about it/them..Nice.

The 250BT is 8.25″ unit with a capability of the battery lasting for 13 ours. The 150BT is7.4″ and has the capability of lasting 11 hours. And the 50BT is 6.4″ and its battery can last up to 10 hours.

They are rugged, waterproof and dustproof. In fact, so durable that they can stand in 1 meter of water for up to 30 minutes and get out damage free. They have earned their rating of IP67…Look it up.

How many devices do you know that can do that? Well, how many? That’s what I thought.

You’re excused.

Denon Home 150 Wireless Speaker

This is the littlest of 3 brothers in the new Denon Home Series with HEOS. Just so you know it stands for Home Entertainment Operating System.

HEOS allows you to listen to your music in other rooms or places in your home and surrounding areas. You use it by downloading the HEOS app to your phone or tablet. From there you can control your music from that device using the HEOS app.

But that’s not all you can do with these speakers. You can play music in either in WiFi setting or Bluetooth all while controlling the music from a device. For example you have a visitor and he/she wants to play some music and you don’t to give out your WiFi password to them. Let them use a Bluetooth connection instead.

You can also mix and match any of the Denon Home Series Speakers to use at the same time while playing different songs in different rooms…Now that’s pretty cool.

Each one is designed to be a standalone speaker but you can also pair them up to play in stereo mode. Giving you an awesome left right sound experience. They just have to be paired together like 2 – 150’s or 2 – 250’s or 2 – 350’s.

The main difference between the the three speakers are how many and what size speakers each has inside and how much amplifier power it has to drive them. The 150 has a 31/2″ woofer and a 1′ tweeter with a ported enclosure. This speaker surprisingly gives out a very full sound for such a small speaker.

A ported enclosure is just a well placed hole that allow air to travel in and out giving a woofer the ability to throw out a deeper sound.

Denon Home 250 Wireless Speaker

The middle sibling of the trio presents itself with 2 – 3/4″ tweeters 2 – 4″ mid range woofers and a 5″ radiator giving it a fuller richer sound for a larger room compared to the 150.

You can tell that this speaker has a richer fuller sound than the 150. First it has more speakers and of course has a larger woofer and a more powerful energy efficient class D amplifier.

A radiator is a device that increases the bass of a speaker system. When used right it can give a performance of a much larger system. So this speaker will sound richer and give a fuller experience than speakers of its size that have no radiator.

Sacre bleu!!! I almost forgot to mention that every speaker in the line up has a USB port on the back so you can load up a USB stick and play through your smart device…super cool. Don’t you think so?

Just so you know, these speakers are Bluetooth and WiFi enabled but still need a electrical connection to operate. My PSA is now complete.

The Denon Home 250 Wireless Speaker. A speaker to reckon with.

Denon 350 Wireless Speaker

Now we come to the biggest most fullest and richest sounding of the Denon Home Series of them all. Introducing the Denon 350 Wireless Speaker. Like I mentioned before, it’s how many and what size speakers does it have to give out the ultimate in sound for your pleasure…FYI – This is not a condom ad.

Well sweet honey and warm molasses. This speaker has it all. 2 – 3/4′ tweeters 2 – 2″ mid range and 2 – 61/2″ woofers and also comes with a bigger energy efficient class D amplifier giving its sound the richest and fullest sound pushed by a more powerful amp to drive it.

This one will give you the sparkling highs and the lowest lows that will make your butt pucker up and shudder…Okay. I may be exaggerating a bit in that last sentence but you know what I mean…right?

Let me try that again. This speaker will make your eyes tear up and make you fart a little bit…is that better? Okay, okay. I’ll come up with something a little better for next time.

Not only can you control this with your smart devices but even has a touch screen on top of all the units to control basic commands to the speaker.

The Denon Home Series 350 Wireless Speaker. Definitely a speaker to want…I want one. Don’t you?

I thought so.


Sony SRS-XB41, SRS-XB32 and SRS-XB22 Bluetooth Speaker

I call this beauty the power pill. The Sony SRS – XB41 is the largest so of course it has the best bass of the three models that I am showcasing.

So if bass is our poison, size does matter. That’s what I’ve heard…I wouldn’t know anyth…I mean I don’t know if size does matt…Anyways this Bluetooth unit is larger than the XB32 and XB 22. They both sound good but the XB41’s larger mass and bigger body will give it the edge in bass output. But as a side note all three have bass boost in them. Yay!

The XB41, XB32 and XB22 are all completely wireless and the three come with a great Lightshow included. Sony XB41 Video

You will be excited to know that Extra Bass sound mode is included giving you a fully immersed 3D sound.

The battery will last up to 24 hours with just music or 14 hours with Extra Bass mode and the Lightshow on. And you would be pleased to know all of them are waterproof, dustproof and shockproof!

You can also pair another speaker for stereo or you can pair with up to 100 wireless speakers making an insane party chain.

Woo Hoo! Party on dude!

Sony GTK-PG10 Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Bring the party to your house, backyard, beach, picnic, park or dorm room. Wherever you go this unit can go with you to bring the partee’.

I call the Sony GPK PG10 The Party Box. This unit is basically a box with a subwoofer with a couple of air ports. But what this baby does with its extras is damn skippy special.

  • The top of this unit can be opened up to reveal a table top that will hold up to four cans of your favorite beveraage’ and in the middle you can put your favorite snack on top too.
  • On the table top flaps there are two tweeters, one on each side to give you that sparkle that goes along with the rumble of the bass subwoofer.
  • The Bass unit comes with a Mega Bass button for a more fuller bass sound.
  • This unit can last up to 12 hours on a single charge making this unit truly wireless and gives great Bluetooth usability.
  • You can plug in any standard mic for Karaoke if you desire. This will also fit on top of any standard PA stand.

This Party Box concept is a great one especially for parties on the smaller size. I mean I wouldn’t recommend it for ragers but I think this would be perfect for a intimate gatherings…Like at my house….Oh oh. Did I just say that?


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  5. I just recently bought a new apartment and a really high quality speaker would work well in the living room. The A9 with walnut legs is the one that really caught my attention, I’ve never seen any speakers like that before and it looks so futuristic, but damn it is very expensive though! Definitely a luxury speaker that I cannot afford right now but maybe I could save my money for a few months and get it then. Great reviews!

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